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Base Packaging, the specialist in (waste) bags, offers high-quality and sustainable bag solutions for various applications such as waste management and transport. Discover our innovative approach and experience top quality and customer service. Together, we are building a sustainable future!

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Our extensive range of bags is designed to meet all your packaging and storage needs, while maintaining the highest standards of sustainability and safety. We offer a wide range of options, including bio-based compostable LDPE and HDPE bags, food-safe crate bags, drawstring bags, container bags, debris bags and collection bags.
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We are your total supplier of high-quality (waste) bags and sustainable solutions! As specialists in this field, we aim to offer you the best products and professional advice for all your waste management and packaging needs.

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Welcome to Base Packaging, where sustainability is key! From energy-efficient offices to a sustainable vehicle fleet, we strive for environmentally conscious solutions. Discover our green (waste) bag options, including compostable varieties and bags made from recycled plastic. Together, we are making a positive difference to the future of our planet.


Samen werken aan een duurzame schoonmaak: dat hebben de bedrijven Beercoo Schoonmaak, Kroonint BV en Base Packaging gemeen!
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Samen werken aan een duurzame schoonmaak: dat hebben de bedrijven Beercoo Schoonmaak, Kroonint BV en Base Packaging gemeen!
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Base Packaging behaalt OK Home Compost & Industrial certificaten

Vanaf heden zijn onze zakken niet alleen biologisch afbreekbaar maar ook TÜV gecertificeerd!
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16 januari 2024

Sinds december 2023 hebben de meeste rederijen besloten hun vaarroutes vanuit Azië naar Europa om te leiden via de Zuid Kaap van Afrika. Door de ontstane onrust en diverse aanvallen op schepen in de regio van de Rode Zee is een langere vaarroute noodzakelijk. 

In de praktijk betekent dat een vaartijd van gemiddeld twee weken extra. Hierdoor kunnen vertragingen ontstaan in de logistieke ketens. Het is niet alleen de heen route maar ook de terugweg die langer duurt waardoor er schepen te kort zijn om alle goederen op tijd te transporteren. 

Mede hierdoor zien wij de afgelopen maand de kosten voor zeevracht exploderen; keer vijf ten opzichte van een maand geleden. En het ziet er naar uit dat deze kosten de komende periode zullen blijven stijgen.

*HDPE (High Density Poly Ethyleen) zakken:
Net als vele andere producten worden onze Premium Gold Label HDPE zakken grotendeels geproduceerd in Azië.
Het komt er op neer dat wij binnen een aantal weken een prijsstijging voorzien voor deze producten. Tevens kunnen er vertragingen ontstaan in de levering van productie artikelen.

Na een periode van prijsdalingen voor onze producten is de verwachting dat de komende periode een prijsstijging zal laten zien.
Uiteraard zullen wij onze klanten hiervan tijdig op de hoogte stellen.

Heb jij vragen? Neem dan contact met ons op!
Team Base Packaging
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POOPEES® is the new brand of our 100% biodegradable dog waste bags, an eco-friendly alternative to the common plastic variants that often pollute our natural environment. Instead of traditional plastic, our POOPEES® bags are made from renewable resources, with corn starch as the main component. This choice helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels and reduces the ecological impact of bag production.

Importantly, POOPEES® biodegradable pouches are compostable. This means they can be safely processed in industrial composting facilities, where they break down into compost along with other organic material. This feature further contributes to promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

In a business context, discussing dog waste bags is relevant to various parties, including property managers, municipal councillors, park managers and business owners near public spaces.

Dog waste bags are considered necessary in many cities and towns, both from a legal and social point of view. This is supported by several reasons, including hygiene, aesthetics, environmental considerations and legal obligations. Failure to comply with rules can lead to fines. Although not legally required everywhere, dog waste bags are strongly recommended to be good neighbours and responsible pet owners.

The variety of dog waste bags is vast, with options including standard plastic bags, biodegradable bags, compostable bags and even scented bags. Choosing an appropriate bag, tailored to your dog's size and needs, is essential. Pursuing eco-friendly options contributes to more sustainable handling of these necessary accessories.
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Vlarema is an abbreviation for "Flanders Recycle Materials". It is a new waste management plan introduced in Belgium in 2021. The aim of Vlarema is to reduce waste and promote recycling and better waste sorting through the use of transparent bags.

Base Packaging has recently launched a range of Vlarema rubbish bags for Flemish customers that meet all Vlarema's set requirements. These bags are made of 100% recycled polyethylene and are also excellent for recycling. By using these bags, consumers help reduce waste and promote recycling. Our packaging clearly states VLAREMA APPROVED.

Base Packaging's Vlarema rubbish bags are available in different sizes, so consumers can choose the right bags for their waste. The bags are also very sturdy and tear-resistant, making them ideal for storing and transporting waste.

Using Vlarema rubbish bags is not only good for the environment, but it can also help reduce waste costs. In fact, municipalities and cities can use these bags for waste collection, contributing to more efficient waste disposal.

Committed to sustainability and environmental awareness, Base Packaging has developed Vlarema bin liners as a step towards a more sustainable future. By using these bags, consumers can do their bit for a cleaner world.
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