Shipping boxes

Shipping boxes provide a lot of convenience when sending packages. By stocking several standard sizes, you always have the perfect box to ship your product to your customer. The boxes are made of sturdy cardboard that can carry a lot of weight. With this product you can send all your webshop products in a handy way. Do you want to send glasses or bottles? Have a look at our shipping boxes for fragile materials.
We have shipping boxes of various sizes in our assortment.

Dimensions internal size (LxBxH)
Shipping Box 100: 160x130x70mm (A6+)
Shipping Box 200: 213x153x109mm (A5)
Shipping Box 300: 210x180x130mm
Shipping Box 400: 230x160x80mm (A5+)
Shipping Box 500: 260x220x130mm
Shipping Box 600: 305x215x220mm (A4)
Shipping Box 700: 310x230x160mm A4+)
Shipping Box 800: 345x256x130mm
Shipping Box 900: 400x260x250mm (B4+)

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