Floflex shipping boxes

Do you want to send fragile products with the mail? There is a chance that products such as bottles, glasses, mirrors or lightbulbs will not arrive well at the consumer. With these Floflex shipping boxes specially made for fragile or sensitive products, you are sure that the items arrive without scratches or dents. This is ideal for liqorstores that want to send bottles with the mail. Due to the foil that is tensioned inside the box, the product stays in the desired place and the air between the foil and the box aborbs the shocks. 
We have shipping boxes of various sizes in our assortment:

Dimensions internal size / external size (LxBxH)
Small: 155x210x25mm / 195x250x29mm
Medium: 245x300x60mm / 295x350x68mm
Large: 230x345x90mm / 280x395x98mm

Watch here the demonstration movie of this product!

We can also print the boxes with your logo and / or company details.

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