Other products

As a total supplier, we can also supply various disposables. Think of products such as gloves, drinking cups or shoe covers. Our line disposables meets the highest requirements. We also have a wide range of articles for packaging & shipping your products. For example, we can provide you with all kinds of products that you need for sending webshop orders to your customers.

Would you like to have more information about one of these products or receive a free quotation? Please don't hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us!

Floflex shipping boxes

Do you want to send fragile products with the mail? With these Floflex shipping boxes specially made for fragile or sensitive products, you are sure that the items arrive without scratches or dents.

Shipping boxes

Shipping boxes provide a lot of convenience when sending packages. By stocking several standard sizes, you always have the perfect box to ship your product to your customer.

Bubble foil

Bubble foil is widely used in webshops to pack products securely and sturdy. Because of this foil the product can not be damaged during transport.


Besides different types of bags, we can also provide you with high quality tapes. Think of the standard packing tape in brown or transparant, but also tape with your logo or corporate identity on it!

Packing list envelops (Doculops)

Packing list envelops or doculops are used to add important documents to shipments.


Base Packaging supplies, besides waste bags, also various types of cleaning gloves. Because of these gloves, you will be well protected from bacteria and other soils during cleaning.

Cover sheets

These cover sheets are used to protect the top of a pallet. If a pallet is sealed, this sheet can be placed on the top. In this way the load is completely protected from external influences.

Shoe covers

Shoe covers ensure good hygiene because there is no contact between the substrate and the contaminated shoe sole. This is expecially important in, for example, healthcare institutions. 


A baret is important for good hygiene in the food industry, for example, to prevent hair from getting into products. This baret is big enough to put all the hair in.


The aprons of Base Packaging are often used in the cleaning industry to protect the clothing. The plastic aprons are made of LDPE material and are available in different variants.

Visitor jackets

The visitor jackets are handed out to guests to protect their clothes. These jackets are available in different designs, for example with push buttons or velcro straps.

Stirring bars

For stirring bars for coffee or tea it is important that they do not melt or break. Our stirring bars are made of sturdy PP material, which allows you to stir carefree in your drink.