In addition to waste bags and foils, we also have plastic bags in our range. We can supply plastic bags in all shapes and sizes from stock. Neutral transparant or in the color you want. Even your own logo can be printed on it! So you always have the perfect bag on time.

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Loop bags

Loop bags of Base Packaging are made of high quality and have a reinforced long loop. This makes it easy to carry the bag.

Carrierbags with reinforced handle (DKT)

DKT carrierbags of Base Packaging are handy, high quality carrierbags with cut and reinforced handle. With this sturdy handle, the bag has extra carrying capacity.

T-shirt carrier bags

T-shirt carrier bags are sturdy, plastic bags with 2 large handles, making the bag comfortable to wear. The bag is made of thin plastic material, yet the shirt bag gives a lot of support!