In this time you can not work without an Corporate Social Responsibility plan in an organisation. CSR has our full attention. Three concepts are central in this policy: People, Planet and Profit. What this means is that an organization pays more attention to the environment and staff. With our CSR policy we try to indicate how we contribute to sustainable development. Seven guidelines have been defined in the ISO 26000, which require a good CSR policy:

1. Good management
We think good management is very important. We believe that good corporate entrepreneurship is accountable in a stable, transparant and verifiable way. We also ensure that our employees work within the rules and guidelines in the area of decent business. With specific codes of conduct we make clear which principles we use and how they must be complied. These rules are described in our personnel manual.
2. Human rights
We have developed a clear policy regarding to our production locaties: human rights must be respected and counteract corruption and environmental impact.
3. Working conditions
We attach great importance to the sustainable development of our employees. The employees must continue to develop through education and training. This is possible through external and internal training that employees may follow. Both in the area of safety and health, the interests of customers, employees and the organization come together. We invest in an even safer and more effective health policy.
4. Environment
In the field of the environment, we are working hard to minimize the environmental impact. We invest in materials and machines that minimize the impact on the environment. Our cars are environmentally friendly and reduce as much CO2 as possible. In addition, there are also plug-in hybride cars where the battery is charged with eletricity, to reduce the fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Futhermore, the warehouse is equipped with automatic energy-efficient LED lighting with motion sensors and all machines run on electricity. In our entire buildig the light is equipped with motion sensors, so no unnecessary lights remain on. In addition, we also economize with water and gas. We encourage and promote biodegradale products. The in-house and field service staff always think about more efficient and environmentally friendly goods for our customers. We are optimizing business processes so that unnecessary activities can be avoided. We are aware of harmful substances that are released during the process of making PET / PP / BOPP materials. For that reason, Base Packagin has also chosen to exclusively produce and suplly Polyethylene materials. Polyethylene does not release harmful substances during the process and is not harmful for the groundwater. In addition, we always choose, where possible, the use of recycled plastic over the production of new plastic. In this way we stimulate the recycling of plastics and we ensure less waste. The internal production waste is also recycled and used to produce new plastic bags.
5. Doing honest business
Base Packaging has the appearance of a young, enterprising and dynamic company. Respect for collegues, suppliers and clients is of great importance. Various standards and values and codes of conduct are also important in relation to ethical, social and environmental-related principles.
6. Consumer interests
We stimulate supply chain responsibility in order to create clarity in the chain. This way, for example, child labor, biodiversity and corruption can be detected. We try to bring more transparency to the chain.
7. Social commitment & development
We aim for a bond with society in which we can actively add value and can not only make an economic contribution, but also a social contribution. We would like to underline our commitment to society, but also use our resources as effectively as possible. Base is a member of the Best Packaging Group, and this group has been commited to charity for many years: The KWF for investigation to cancer, through participation in the Ride for the Roses. For some years this group has been cycling with a big cycling team. In this way we can be active in a sporty, healthy and enjoyable way and at the same time do something for charity.